Our Vision

PCP is committed to being the best service provider and employer in Mecklenburg County. We are continuously assessing community and consumer needs for future expansion of services and programs. As the State of North Carolina continues its implementation of Mental Health Reform, we are committed to flexibility, change and growth.

We have outlined the following short-term goals to achieve our vision.

  • PCP will receive National Accreditation by July 31, 2008.
  • PCP will score 90% approval rating on Participant Satisfaction Surveys.
  • PCP will reduce homelessness and unstable housing by 25%.
  • PCP will increase employment of participants by 25%.
  • PCP will employ participants to deliver services.
  • PCP will train all staff in the Recovery Model/Best Practices.
  • PCP will diversify service delivery.
  • PCP will seek grant/foundation/other funding sources.